Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jessica alba nude. Nope? Yes!

Jessica alba nude. Cool picz...

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I asked people the question about breastfeeding (Woman answers only please)? The question is even / only two men. What happens if you never have a chance, Jessica Alba or Megan FOXS breasts, naked, except for this one chance to see see the breasts / nipples of the girls in a video clip (you get hold of them), breastfeeding . They show their naked breasts and nipples for 5 minutes. Would you want to watch the video or do not want to see the video? If you do not want to see the video, it would not excite you sexually (because of the baby, of course, but because of the breasts / nipples)? Please answer honestly The results showed 9 / 9 Men wanted to see her breasts / nipples How does this woman feel that you know about breastfeeding in public, that 9 9 men / said yes? Do you think that the Western world has gone too far to make her breasts / nipples such a big deal for men?
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